Another 5 Top Nursing Schools

here is the second part of the ranking:

6) University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
This school uses various facilities with highly experienced teachers to educate their students. They use both innovative teaching methods as well as traditional methods of teaching which really rounds out their students education.

7) Oregon health and Science University - Portland and Hillsboro
The main university is located in Portland and it offers students two hospitals to train in with a smaller campus located in Hillsboro. Students can choose from nursing, dentistry and medicine as all are combined into one center.

8) University of Pennsylvania - Philadelphia
They offer their students some of the most state of the art teaching practices, using life like mannequins that actualll respond to students as they work on them. This school is proud to be part of the Ivy League.

9) University of Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh
This school offers rigorous programs so that they can prepare their students with intesive training. This helps students to be well prepared for the ever changing practice of medicine.

10) University of Washington - Seattle
This school is proud to be one of the oldest universities as well as one of the largest universities which provides it students with a total of three campuses to choose from. They allow their students to learn through diverse courses that allows them to learn through practicing and experiencing at the same time.

As a sidenote, your application should include, among other things, an essay as well as a college resume.


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