3 Additional Nurse Job Interview Questions And Answers

Q. Tell me about a time that you had to cooperate with members of other departments to solve a problem.
A. Even though you are a nurse and you will often be working around other nurses, there are times where you will have to deal with members of other departments. Some of these members may not be as agreeable as you would like them to be. But they will be professional most of the time and you should as well. Make sure you show your prospective employer that you are willing to be professional at all times. People will sometimes be very stern with you in a medical environment because of the high risk and liability involved. It is very important that you display your ability to understand this and not take things too personal.

Q. Think of a time when you had to work effectively in a team situation. Can you describe how you felt about the contributions of other members of the team?
A. When you are going on a nursing job interview and you get asked this question, they want to know whether or not you are willing to call out someone who isn't performing the way they should. Even though this may seem like something you would want to do, often times not doing this can lead to problematic situations that could have been avoided. If someone's performance or lack of performance is preventing them from going smoothly or possibly causing problems then you need to call it out. So do not be afraid to tell your prospective employer that you are willing to do this should the situation calls for it.

Q. Sometimes it can be frustrating when trying to get information from other people so that you can solve a problem. Please describe a situation you had like this. What did you do?
A. Your prospective employer wants to hear it when you go on your nursing interview that you are able to handle the situation in a professional manner. As long as you display medical professionalism you will look okay in the eyes of your prospective employer. The interviewer wants to see that you will not become undone in a high stress environment. Make sure you show your employer that you have the ability to maintain your cool in these types of situations.


Gail Esparan