Nursing Resume Tips

While it is a true statement that nurses are in high demand these days, there are also many nurses looking for employment.  When you submit your resume for a nursing position you are giving the receiver a first impression that you cannot take back.  If it is sloppy and unprofessional then they may assume the same is true of you and will not even give you an interview.

Be sure to set your nurse resume up so that it flows from one section to another.  Your contact information should, of course, be the first item that the person that is reviewing it can see.  Below that should be a brief summary of your qualifications that will intrigue the reader into delving into your employment history.  You can give them a brief description of your goals, abilities and experience that will surely make them want to know more about you.

After your summary section you should include a very detailed list of your experience in the nursing field.  You should include all of the important information such as your past employers and the type of establishment that it was, meaning if it was a long term care facility or a practice focused more on the acute care of patients.  If you have any specialty areas that you have a lot of experience in then this is where you can show off your accomplishments and knowledge.

After you have told about your previous work experience you should go in to more detail about your skills and abilities. You might consider making a bullet pointed list that tells about any certifications that you have received or any areas that you specialize in.  This will provide a prospective employer a quick glimpse at your abilities.

Be sure to include a section in your resume that tells of the many contributions that you have made at your previous employers offices.  If you served on committees or were active on the boards you want to be sure the prospective employer is made aware of it.  The possibility of getting an interview will depend on how well your resume explains you as an employee.

The next section in your resume should include details about your academic accomplishments.  If you received any scholarships or certifications, be sure to put it in this section.  Employers have many people to choose from and you want to make a lasting impression on them from the minute they begin to the minute they finish reading through your resume.

Put the final touches on your nursing resume by doing a thorough check for any spelling or grammar mistakes that you may have made.  It would be a defiantly waste of time if you put a lot of work into completing a great resume and then used poor grammar or spelling and got passed up for the position because of it.  Be sure you are using your words to make the impression and not the type or color of the paper.  Use plain white or cream colored resume paper to print your resume.  It will look much more presentable and will make a great impression on the person that reviews the resume.

If you apply all of these things to your nursing resume you will be on the right path.  You should land an interview for sure and will probably get the position above everyone else that has applied.


Gail Esparan