3 Additional Military Transition Job Interview Questions And Answers

Q. Do you prefer to work alone or as part of a group?A. Here is a good chance for you to sell yourself based on your military experience. While you were in the military you probably had to work in groups. So it is very unlikely that you will prefer to work alone, seeing as how you are so accusto... [More]

Top 5 Military to Civilian Careers

Following the previous post featuring the top 3 military transition careers, here are the next 2 top careers for vets: Being outdoors and working with others on projects was integral to surviving the military, so working in construction might be a good fit for someone recently returning to civilian... [More]

Top 3 Military to Civilian Careers

Military personnel returning from duty not only deal with stress and anxiety, but it routine, day to day life can feel mundane. The best way for former members of the military to transition is to procure a job as soon as possible. The first step might be contacting a local job assistance program to ... [More]

Disadvantages of a Military Career

Being part of any military branch will mean being away from family, friends, and familiar locations. If you think you can handle that, you should be fine. If you cannot handle it, you should think long and hard before joining. If you fail to adapt to military life you will be discharged and may not ... [More]

Pros of a Military Career

The military is a great career choice for anyone that can handle it. The job provides benefits like no other in the civilian world, and even provides a sense of fulfillment for many people. The only question is whether or not it is a job you can handle. In order to help you determine that, we have c... [More]

Medical Jobs in the Military

The military health care corps, whether in peace time or war, has the outstanding tradition of the best training available in the world to handle anything, from the small injury that needs a couple of sutures all the way to piecing individuals back together after a savage attack during war. Modern ... [More]