Disadvantages of a Military Career

Being part of any military branch will mean being away from family, friends, and familiar locations. If you think you can handle that, you should be fine. If you cannot handle it, you should think long and hard before joining. If you fail to adapt to military life you will be discharged and may not be able to return later.

  • You will not be able to drop on request. If you find that military life disagrees with you, you will most likely have to stay through your entire term.


  • There is the possibility of being deployed to a combat zone and suffering severe injuries or death. This is an unfortunate side effect of being in the military, so once again, think long and hard before making this choice.


There are some definite advantages to joining the military, but there are quite a few disadvantages. For this reason, the choice to join the military is not one that everyone can make! Talk to military veterans or current servicemen and women. Find out their takes on being part of the military, and finally figure out if it is for you.


Gail Esparan