Military To Civilian Job Interview Questions And Answers

Going from the military to a regular civilian job can be quite difficult sometimes because when you are in the military you perform a wide number of tasks. Many of these tasks can be anything from being a payroll clerk in office, or various support roles. But now you're going to have to use all of t... [More]

The Behavior-Based Interview

Not all interviews are created alike. Over the course of a traditional interview, managers usually ask the person being interviewed to expound on their strengths and weaknesses, while giving them an opportunity to expound on many of the items in their resume. But a behavior based interview is a... [More]

Planning your military transition

Before leaving the military, it is essential to do some financial planning First, you should know what is your current monthly budget – whether you are by yourself or have a family. Second, you should forecast what will be your expenses once you are back to civilian life. This includes eve... [More]

Military Rate Conversion Guide

The various military branches of the armed forces of the United States offer more than 800 enlisted jobs. Both the United States Army as well as the Marines refer to these jobs as Military Occupation Specialties, or MOS. The Air Force call these Specialty Codes, or AFSC. The Navy and Coast Guard ref... [More]

Military Transition Interview Tips

Your First Non-Military Interview Can be ScaryWhen making the transition from military life to civilian life, one of the first things anybody faces is finding that all important real-world job. This can be an overwhelming task especially if you've put in 20 established a day-to-day communication s... [More]