Why Putting In A Military To Civilian Resume Might Be Difficult For Some, Continued

Another reason is because it is going to be a challenge to explain how your military experience would be useful in a given business environment, and this is a must in order to be considered. Now I will assume you have a lot of different individual experiences in the military. When you are in a regular working environment things are going to be a lot less intense and much more repetitious. Whatever experience you have in the military there is a way to tone it down in a way that it seems applicable in a regular everyday position. Usually instead of listing descriptive details of what was done you can sum everything up by using regular words that don't sound too technical.


Another thing you can do to help with the problems you'll face when putting in your military transition resume is list duties and responsibilities you had in the military and carefully translate them into civilian speak so they match up to convey experience in a given career field. We all knew people in school who were extremely smart and whenever we spoke to them they would use words that were so complex it made us feel kind of unintelligent. While this is the way some employers see it when you use military words that they do not understand. So translate them to military to civilian resume writing speak and make everything simple and easy-to-understand.


Gail Esparan