Why Putting In A Military To Civilian Resume Might Be Difficult For Some, Continued

Another reason is because it is going to be a challenge to explain how your military experience would be useful in a given business environment, and this is a must in order to be considered. Now I will assume you have a lot of different individual experiences in the military. When you are in a regul... [More]

A Few of The Reasons Why Putting In A Military To Civilian Resume Might Be Difficult For Some

When you spend so much time in a certain environment for so long pretty soon that environment becomes an extension of you. Sometimes if you spend a lot of time in a certain environment it may be hard for you to function in other environments effectively. This applies to military people who are tryin... [More]

The Pros Of Leaving the Military

Whether you are a seasoned veteran about to retire, or have fulfilled your minimum requirements, there are both pros and cons to leaving the military. On the plus side, you are afforded all the benefits that leaving the military has to offer, you are able to get help buying your first home, and have... [More]

Preparing your transition

Transitioning from the Military to the civilian sector might be overwhelming so here are three factors that you should take into consideration when preparing your conversion:   Plan early: do your homework and figure out for which industry and company you would like to work. Also if you need ... [More]