Being In The Military Gives You More Skills To Put On Your Military Transition Resume Then You Think

A lot of people who have been in the military possess an endless array of different skills and experience. While all of these skills may look impressive when you are in the military world and they are used to establish rank, once you are in the civilian world it may not feel the same way anymore. Yo... [More]

Military Transition: The Correct Use Of Your Military Skills And Accomplishments On Your Resume

Military transition resumes are resumes that are able to take the skills and abilities you acquired while in the military and make them applicable to the civilian world. If you are able to write a military transition resume that is effective, then you should have no problem obtaining a regular civil... [More]

Cons of leaving the military

One the other hand, there are many cons to leaving the military as well. For one, you no longer have the comradeship that many experience will serving their country. Some people form stronger bonds with there military friends that are closer than even their spouses and loved ones. If you are out and... [More]

The Pros Of Leaving the Military

Whether you are a seasoned veteran about to retire, or have fulfilled your minimum requirements, there are both pros and cons to leaving the military. On the plus side, you are afforded all the benefits that leaving the military has to offer, you are able to get help buying your first home, and have... [More]

Military Transition Resume Writing Dont's

·    Use an objective.  Too broad, and it's not going to tell your prospective employer anything about you. Too specific, and it may shut you out of a job that's perfect for you because it doesn't quite "fit." ·    Use the same resume for everyon... [More]

Military Transition Job Search Tips

Searching for employment used to be a simple process. You would get your local newspaper, get to the classifieds section and look for job ads that would match your career profile and needs. While the arrival of the Net 10 years ago took the job market to the next level by increasing the number of op... [More]

Preparing your transition

Transitioning from the Military to the civilian sector might be overwhelming so here are three factors that you should take into consideration when preparing your conversion:   Plan early: do your homework and figure out for which industry and company you would like to work. Also if you need ... [More]

Military to Civilian Transition Tips

When it is time to make the transition from the military to civilian life, there are obstacles to overcome. The adjustment that veterans must make upon returning to the civilian world is important and almost requires learning how to live all over again. Arguably the most difficult part of the milita... [More]