Military Transition: The Correct Use Of Your Military Skills And Accomplishments On Your Resume

Military transition resumes are resumes that are able to take the skills and abilities you acquired while in the military and make them applicable to the civilian world. If you are able to write a military transition resume that is effective, then you should have no problem obtaining a regular civilian job. But you must know the proper way to create these types of resumes, it really isn't as difficult as it might sound.


Sometimes a military serviceman or woman may possess skills that can be divided up into many different categories to apply for a multitude of different jobs. Other times they may possess specialized skills that will only be suitable for certain types of civilian careers. In this case it is important for you to know which category you fit into as this is going to affect your ability to write an effective military conversion resume.


I want you to take a look at the two samples I've included below, both of these are taken from a military transition resume. I've included both of these samples to give you an idea of what you should be going for on making your military transition.


Certifications & Clearances:

•Certified in first aid/CPR, traffic accident investigations, preliminary breath test (PBT) and Intoxilyzar 5000, and handcuffing/flexi-cuff procedures •Weapons certifications: MP 9mm pistol, M4 carbine, 12-gauge shotgun, Taser X26/M26

•Secret Security Clearance Notice the many certifications and clearances this military woman or man has.


The first thing you'll notice is that they are very specialized and geared towards a certain line of work. There are not too many types of careers this military serviceman or woman will be able to apply for outside of law enforcement or some sort of security type of career. But in any case the points are well emphasized and should this military serviceman or woman go for a career where these points will be utilized, then they should have a very good chance of landing that civilian job.


MP Training Highlights:

• Security Police Tactics

• Criminal Investigations

• Situational Training

• Weapons Handling

• Levels of Force

• Civil Disturbance

• Urban Area Force Protection

• Personal Security Detail

• Conflict Management Here we have an example of the type of training this military women or servicemen received relative to a specialized field.


Making your military to transition resume will be easy once you know what type of career you're going for and how to use your special training to target that specific career. The military transition resume example you see above is so effective because it goes into detail outlining every specific skill that has been acquired. If you want to successful in the civilian world you will have to learn how to do this effectively as well. After all a good military conversion resume is designed to convert your military skills to civilian use, in other words show an employer how those very same skills can be used outside of the military.


Gail Esparan