3 Additional Military Transition Job Interview Questions And Answers

Q. Do you prefer to work alone or as part of a group?
A. Here is a good chance for you to sell yourself based on your military experience. While you were in the military you probably had to work in groups. So it is very unlikely that you will prefer to work alone, seeing as how you are so accustomed to being around others. But displaying the ability to work alone may serve as a good strength. (you might wanna display both in your resume writing)

Q. What are some job responsibilities you do not like?
A. Your military experience may be very advanced, but even then there will still be many parts of the experience you probably do not enjoy. Make sure you emphasize this to your prospective employer on the civilian side of things. They will be understanding, and may even work with you to see what can be done in order to help you make the transfer. Everybody has responsibilities they prefer not to do, but you should still be able to perform them effectively.

Q. What aspects of your last job did you really like?
A. When you are going for a regular civilian job explaining this may be kind of difficult. There may be certain aspects of military life you will not experience with a regular civilian job. But even still there are certain parts of military life that can easily be transferred to a civilian job. So whatever your strengths are make sure you display them. A good example would be if you are a good leader, you might serve to be a good and aspiring leader in a regular civilian job. These are all skills you will have acquired while in the military, many of which can easily be transferred to a regular civilian job.


Gail Esparan