Military To Civilian Job Interview Questions And Answers

Going from the military to a regular civilian job can be quite difficult sometimes because when you are in the military you perform a wide number of tasks. Many of these tasks can be anything from being a payroll clerk in office, or various support roles. But now you're going to have to use all of these acquired skills in order to sell yourself for regular civilian employment. Following will be a short list of military to civilian job interview questions and answers. You can use these military to civilian job interview questions in order to tailor your own answers should you not like the ones provided.

Q. What type of tasks and duties did you perform in the military that makes you feel you are prepared for this particular position?

A. Your employer is asking you this question because even though they know you may be highly skilled because of your military experience, they still do not know how these skills will translate to a regular civilian job (do not forget to include them in your resume writing though). So it will be very important for you to outline the particular skills you have in accordance with a particular civilian job you are applying for. Use this as a good military to civilian job interview how to.

Q. What traits do you possess that caused you to perform at a level below your potential?
A. Being in the military is a good thing, but this doesn't automatically mean you will be qualified for a civilian job. Nor does it mean that you will always perform to the potential in which you are capable of. You must make sure you give good reasons why you do not perform at a particularly high level while in the military. Do not see this as a bad thing, explaining their weaknesses and give examples of how you can overcome them.

Q. What kind of supervision do you think brings out the best in you?
A. When you are in the military often times you are under the supervision of someone else. But as you rise in the ranks you may be expected to perform without supervision. When it comes to military to civilian job interview questions and answers, you want to make sure you're able to display the ability to perform while under supervision and at the same time while not under supervision. Seeing as how you're used to having an aggressive supervisor while in the military, going to someone who is far less aggressive should be of extreme benefit.


Gail Esparan