Top 5 Military to Civilian Careers

Following the previous post featuring the top 3 military transition careers, here are the next 2 top careers for vets:

Being outdoors and working with others on projects was integral to surviving the military, so working in construction might be a good fit for someone recently returning to civilian life. It takes strength, endurance, and critical thinking skills. There's rarely a lack of large construction projects going on around the country, making this career perhaps a little easier to land.

Those who have been with the military for several years and have served in high-ranking positions might be able to work as instructors at local colleges after earning a Bachelor's or Master's degree.  They could put their knowledge to use by teaching political science or related courses.

Transitioning from being active in the military to being a regular civilian again is an intense process. The key word to hold onto is "patience." Finding a job requires having a good military to civilian resume and takes diligence. Another important aspect is obtaining a college degree if one is not already possessed. Overall, coming up with a long term plan and incorporating a support system comprised of family members and former colleagues will help make the transition smoother.

Gail Esparan