Top 3 Military to Civilian Careers

Military personnel returning from duty not only deal with stress and anxiety, but it routine, day to day life can feel mundane. The best way for former members of the military to transition is to procure a job as soon as possible. The first step might be contacting a local job assistance program to make the process overwhelming. However, it's a good idea to educate oneself about some o f most suitable careers for those returning to civilian life.

The field with most similarities to the military life is law enforcement. Becoming a police officer involves discipline and training. It also requires the employee to take risks. Finally, it involves periods of intense action that might appeal to someone clinging to excitement that comes with military life. Those interested in law enforcement positions must apply like anyone else, and they must complete state-certification.

Similarly, why not apply to work as an Operations or Intelligence Analyst? The US government has already provided military personnel with security training, and the actual military experience will be useful in this type of career. An applicant with military experience is sure to stand out in the pile of resumes that Intelligence supervisors receive. Another advantage is that this type of position pays around $60,000, which is a very livable yearly salary.

Another field that is great for those who used to serve in the military is Information Technology, or IT. Anyone who works behind the scenes in the military would have been trained in complicated computer tracking systems the military uses. The military is known for using the most advanced programs out there, so governmental IT departments or those of universities or large companies would grab an ex-member of the military.


Gail Esparan