Military Cover Letter Don'ts

·    Don't be "cute."

Remember, that your military to civlian transition resume cover letter is your professional introduction to this prospective employer, and it's the only chance you're going to get to give a first impression. If you're a naturally effervescent person, that'll come out in the interview when you get there. At this point, though, what you want to do is put a professional "face" on, so that the person who sees that cover letter is going to think you're a good candidate to invite for an interview.

·    Don't say "To whom it may concern" in the greeting for your letter.

That's really impersonal, and it's absolutely unnecessary in this day and age of the Internet. Instead, get on the Internet and find out who will be receiving your email. Chances are, the company in question has a website and has a designated person who is going to be handling your resume and cover letter. If you can't find the information on the Internet, do it the old-fashioned way and call the company to find out whom you should address the cover letter to.

·    Don't be "innovative."

Creativity may indeed be something you're going to want to display to your prospective employer once you meet, but at this point, trying to be too casual or "creative" with your correspondence is only going to turn people off. Simply, no one's going to have time to wade through creative prose to get to the meat of your letter, and it'll go in the circular file. Be simple and straightforward instead.


Gail Esparan


6/22/2010 1:55:40 AM #


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