Ways That Your Military To Civilian Resume Can Be Made To Look Strong And Effective

Be specific concerning numbers On your military transition resume you may list certain accomplishments and achievements that seem impressive at first, but upon further examination the employer may not be as impressed with them if they do not include specifics such as numbers. For instance being able to tell exactly how you were able to be of use concerning numbers is more important than simply listing the achievement itself. An example would be if you were to say that you made a change that saved 20% of the work time versus simply saying that you were able to save work time.


All of the specifics I've mentioned here are extremely important if you are writing a military transition or a military conversion resume. Remembering these three tips can make your resume appear strong and effective. Just remember to include achievements instead of obligations and duties you had, exclude pictures of yourself in your resume dressed in uniform, and make sure you are specific when it concerns numbers if you are describing particular accomplishments. All of this will make your military to civilian resume look strong and effective.


Gail Esparan