Military Transition Doesn't Have To Be Tough When You Follow These Tips For Resume Writing

Anyone who has been in the military knows the difficulty of making a military transition. One of the primary difficulties would be creating a military to civilian resume that properly displays their skills effectively. But military conversion doesn't have to be tough when one knows the proper steps to writing an effective military transition resume. Following I'm going to include three ways this can be done, and these tips can be followed by anyone who has formally served in the military or the Armed Forces.


One resume per employer

A military to civilian resume writing is difficult, and once you have figured it out you may be tempted to send out that resume to many different employers. The problem is it sometimes backfires and can result in you actually not getting a job. The key to success is to send out one crafted resume to each employer you're hoping to get a job with. The reason you want to tailor your resume to a particular employer is because you will be able to transition your military skills more effectively this way depending on the type of job you are going for. And this is going to be different from job to job.


Identify problems that you can solve

Chances are when you were in the military you probably had a lot of situations that required you to solve problems. Your ability to solve these problems was extremely crucial to your long-term success. These skills can be easily transferred to the real world. When you are trying to write a military to civilian resume make sure you are able to include on it how you may be able to help the company solve some of their problems. You may have to look into what some of the company's problems are first if you hope to do this properly.


Gail Esparan