Three Ways That Your Military To Civilian Resume Can Be Made To Look Strong And Effective

It is understandable that making the transition from a military to a civilian can be difficult. But being able to craft an effective military to civilian resume is going to be important if one hopes to succeed in the civilian world. There are three ways your military transition resume can be made to look strong and effective. I'm going to discuss these three methods in the following article. Just understand that military transition and military conversion is all about being able to transfer strong suits you had in the military to the real world.


Achievements instead of duties

When you were in the military chances are you had a lot of duties and obligations. It is going to be very easy to list these duties and obligations on a military to civilian resume. But the problem is a lot of employers are not going to be interested in technical information. What they want to see is what specific achievements you had while in the military. Achievements can often times outweigh duties and responsibilities because they take more effort to accomplish. Simply including a long list of duties is one of the best ways to bore the employer.


Exclude pictures

When you are crafting a military conversion resume or a military to civilian resume it is going to be tempting to include a picture of yourself in full uniform. Including a picture of yourself in full uniform may make you come off as strong, and show you in a positive light. But often times this isn't really going to impress possible employers, and often times they can make you appear to be unprofessional. Pictures should only be included in jobs where personal appearance is specific and a requirement for the job.


Gail Esparan