Being In The Military Gives You More Skills To Put On Your Military Transition Resume Then You Think

A lot of people who have been in the military possess an endless array of different skills and experience. While all of these skills may look impressive when you are in the military world and they are used to establish rank, once you are in the civilian world it may not feel the same way anymore. Yo... [More]

Doesn't Have To Be Tough When You Follow These Tips For Resume Writing

Exclude your age You may be proud of all the skills and experience you gained when you were in the military, but sometimes you may not be as young as you were going then. I mention this because when you are trying to create a military to civilian resume resume, there are certain employers who may d... [More]

Ways That Your Military To Civilian Resume Can Be Made To Look Strong And Effective

Be specific concerning numbers On your military transition resume you may list certain accomplishments and achievements that seem impressive at first, but upon further examination the employer may not be as impressed with them if they do not include specifics such as numbers. For instance being abl... [More]