The Pros Of Leaving the Military

Whether you are a seasoned veteran about to retire, or have fulfilled your minimum requirements, there are both pros and cons to leaving the military. On the plus side, you are afforded all the benefits that leaving the military has to offer, you are able to get help buying your first home, and have a guaranteed income, depending on how long your served. In many cases, you can still enjoy some of the medical benefits even after you leave service.

Then there is also some other advantages of leaving military service. You are no longer on a strict schedule, having to get up at a certain time, being told where to go, what to do, and how to do it. There is no more worry about being deployed into dangerous and hostile zones, and dealing with people who may want to kill you every chance they get. You have all the time you need to spend with family and friends, without cringing every time the phone rings. You are able to see your kids or grand kids grow up, and not miss important dates like their first steps, words, or even graduating.

You don't have to worry about a lot of things when you leave the military. You can dress how you want, eat whatever, and are not bossed around any more. There is no strict exercising every day, and not half the risks of injury just exercising. You can often get military to civilian transition help, and your skills can help you qualify for better employment in the private sector.


Gail Esparan