Cons of leaving the military

One the other hand, there are many cons to leaving the military as well. For one, you no longer have the comradeship that many experience will serving their country. Some people form stronger bonds with there military friends that are closer than even their spouses and loved ones. If you are out and they are still in, you miss and worry about them very much. While you may get a certain stipend, depending on how long you served, in many cases it is still not enough to make ends meet, especially when you have a family to worry about.

Even with the skills you learned while serving your country, and even with their help, it can still be hard to get a civilian job, depending on where you live and the state of the economy in that area. Many people also get so used to having a daily regime that they don't know what to do with themselves now, and this can be very frustrating. Having gotten used to getting up extremely early, you may find yourself up before anyone else in your family. You may have gotten so used to a strict daily routine that adjusting to civilian life can be a struggle, and you may long for more structure.

One of the biggest cons if you lived on a military base with your family is that now there won't be as good security when you are living in the private sector. You may worry about crime in your neighborhood, which you never did when serving you country. So as you can see, while leaving the military has it's advantages, there are also come problems that go along with it as well.


Gail Esparan