Planning your military transition

Before leaving the military, it is essential to do some financial planning

  • First, you should know what is your current monthly budget – whether you are by yourself or have a family.
  • Second, you should forecast what will be your expenses once you are back to civilian life. This includes everything, from food to rent, utility bills, car payments, entertainment, etc …
  • Third, make a rough estimate of how much you will need to earn so that you – and your family – will be able to live comfortably.
  • Fourth, look for jobs, which salaries can cover these expenses.
  • Fifth, calculate your moving expenses and check if these companies cover relocation costs.
  • Sixth, prepare a military transition resume that will be customized to the jobs you want to apply to.

Also, if you think you might have a hard time finding a job, start saving right away so that you have some extra cash when you will need it.


Gail Esparan