Medical Jobs in the Military

The military health care corps, whether in peace time or war, has the outstanding tradition of the best training available in the world to handle anything, from the small injury that needs a couple of sutures all the way to piecing individuals back together after a savage attack during war.

Modern day MASH units that use the assistance of medical personnel from all branches of the service provide the medical backup that any military facility or deployment should have in order to conduct their mission.

The experience you are getting while serving in the military in a medical field is a great way to broaden your military healthcare employment history. No preliminary training is given to officers in the military health specialties; nevertheless, there are advanced trainings available in many specialty fields (make sure to include them in your military medical resume). Scholarships for advanced clinical schooling are available in return for a contract that obligates you for a period of military service.

Travel, education, job security, benefits and a lot more is what you will find when you get into the military and have a medical job. The opportunities to gain experience in a number of settings will broaden your horizons in ways you never dreamed before. The chance to serve abroad and experience diverse cultures is a chance to round out your education and become more cosmopolitan in your approach to medicine and different cultures.

The military medical employment opportunities provide health professionals a variety of training choices that you are required to give a time obligation for. The benefits are available to those who are compatible with the military way of life. You will be on call anytime of the day, 335 days a year, with 30 days vacation each year.

The benefits choices that are available with the terms of service are very attractive pay packages and educational benefits, with the opportunity to serve in various countries and in some of the conflicts the military is now involved in.


Gail Esparan