Top 10 finance resume writing tips

Whether the economy is going strong or weak, finance professionals will always be in demand. If you are looking for a job in finance in any sector be it as an accountant, investment manager, financial analyst or any other finance-related job then you should make sure that your resume manages to jump... [More]

3 Additional Finance Job Interview Questions And Answers

Q. Tell me about your experience with accounts payable.A. Dealing with accounts payable is another aspect of the job you may be required to deal with on a consistent basis. When you are going on a finance job interview it is very important for you to display your competence at handling such resp... [More]

Finance Job Interview Questions And Answers

Financing jobs require you to manage the money of others as well as put them in a situation where the money can grow. People often times go to those who are in charge of managing money because they have shown an inability to do so for themselves. So if you plan on getting a job in finance you will d... [More]

Top 10 Finance Careers

Following our previous post, here are the next 5 top finance careers:   · Collectors The collector's job is sometimes a thankless one, since what collectors do is to keep track of accounts that are overdue and then encouraged customers or clients to pay on them. Because of this, c... [More]

Top 5 Finance Careers

If you like all things financial, here are the top 10 careers in finance that you may want to consider. ·    Financial analyst A financial analyst works with clients and helps them make decisions about their investments. To be a financial analyst, you have to have a b... [More]

The Cons of Working on Wall Street

With that being said, there are some reason why working on Wall Street are not all that great, starting with the fact that work is never really over. Even after the market closes, you will be hard at work and this can lead to a serious lack of a personal life. Perhaps this is one reason why so many ... [More]

The Pros of Working on Wall Street

Working on Wall Street can be a potentially rewarding experience, despite the fact that there is plenty of risk involved as well. Different people have different outcomes from this employment choice, as it is largely dependent on how things work out for that individual. This is unlike any other care... [More]

Drawbacks of Insurance Careers

·    Hours worked Again, this is both a pro and con when you're an insurance agent. You're completely independent as an insurance agent in most cases; in other words, your schedule is determined by what your clients need. So you're going to work long hours, and you may wor... [More]

Advantages of Insurance Careers

If you're thinking about changing careers (or just getting started in one), you might want to consider becoming an insurance agent; this can be a very lucrative career, although it takes hard work and dedication to succeed. What does it take to become an insurance agent? You have to be rea... [More]

Finance Resume Writing Don'ts

·      Don't list job experience that dates back more than 15 years and part-time employment should not be mentioned, unless it is especially pertinent to the job you are applying for. Instead, a simple line listing or summary paragraph can mention older job experienc... [More]