Finance Resume Writing Don'ts

·      Don't list job experience that dates back more than 15 years and part-time employment should not be mentioned, unless it is especially pertinent to the job you are applying for. Instead, a simple line listing or summary paragraph can mention older job experience, if space allows and it makes a difference in whether you are qualified for the job.

·      Don't submit the same resume for every finance position, unless it contains the keywords that are mentioned in the job position listing.

·      Don't attempt to exaggerate accomplishments and skills because a finance position will likely involve background and reference checking to verify them.

·      Don't submit a finance resume that is written sloppily or that is difficult to read. There are resume-writing services that can help you with the task, if you think your resume doesn't compliment your skills.

·      Don't forget to include a brief cover letter to highlight what you can offer the potential employer and be sure to mention the reasons their company would find you the best suited candidate for the job, in the cover letter.

When you incorporate the finance resume writing do's and don'ts into your finance job search, you are likely to get better responses from the various finance positions you are qualified for.


Gail Esparan