Finance Resume Writing Do's

When you are in the field of finance, there are a few helpful pointers in finance resume writing "do's and don'ts" that can help you land the job you want. For most industries, there are specific skills that apply and finance resume writing do's and don'ts are a way you can highlight things a potential employer is looking for and shorten your resume by leaving out things that don't pertain.

Finance Resume Writing Do's:

·      Your finance resume format should be set-up for easy alterations, so that you can easily insert keywords or skills that are mentioned in the advertisement for the position you are interested in. When considering finance resume writing do's and don'ts, this will help you get past the human resources departments that use keyword scanners to narrow down the field of applicants, especially when replying with online applications or email resume requests.

·      Start your resume with a summary of your key qualifications and your particular accomplishments. This should be a brief summary of your experience, using pertinent terms that finance position employers will look for. Areas of specialty can be mentioned in the summary paragraph.

·      Keep details of previous jobs brief, but mention skills that apply to the positions you will be applying for. Your resume should not exceed two pages and one page of key qualifications, accomplishments and skills is easier to read.

·      Use keywords that apply to the finance industry such as "risk management", "financial analysis", "controller", "auditing and compliance", "cash-flow management", "operating budget development" or "profit and loss management". This should be incorporated throughout your finance resume and can be tailored to your specific experience.

·      Remember to include any accounting degrees, accounting designations and certificate programs or continuing education should be mentioned.

·      Make sure there are no spelling errors or typos. Finance is a field of attention to detail and this is an important detail, when considering finance resume writing "do's and don'ts".


Gail Esparan