Finance Career Tips

The global financial industry has been in the spotlight in the recent past due to the ongoing credit crunch that has affected many economies around the world. The repercussions have been felt in all corners of the globe, affecting real estate, stock markets and consumer spending. However, it is ... [More]

How to Get an Investment Banking Job

If your dream job is in the investment banking field, you must be skilled in evaluating, calculating and analyzing.  You should be prepared to work long hours and be willing to spend a great deal of time traveling.  It is very aggressive as far as professions go but the benefits and pa... [More]

Top 10 Finance Careers

Following our previous post, here are the next 5 top finance careers:   · Collectors The collector's job is sometimes a thankless one, since what collectors do is to keep track of accounts that are overdue and then encouraged customers or clients to pay on them. Because of this, c... [More]

Top 5 Finance Careers

If you like all things financial, here are the top 10 careers in finance that you may want to consider. ·    Financial analyst A financial analyst works with clients and helps them make decisions about their investments. To be a financial analyst, you have to have a b... [More]

The Cons of Working on Wall Street

With that being said, there are some reason why working on Wall Street are not all that great, starting with the fact that work is never really over. Even after the market closes, you will be hard at work and this can lead to a serious lack of a personal life. Perhaps this is one reason why so many ... [More]

The Pros of Working on Wall Street

Working on Wall Street can be a potentially rewarding experience, despite the fact that there is plenty of risk involved as well. Different people have different outcomes from this employment choice, as it is largely dependent on how things work out for that individual. This is unlike any other care... [More]

Cons of Being A Real Estate Agent

Here are some disadvantages of working in real estate:   Real estate can become very slow at times. You may have an entire year go by without making a single sale! This can wreak havoc on both your income and your credit, but in spite of that you will need to smile and go on as if nothing is ... [More]

Pros of Being A Real Estate Agent

Real estate is often thought of as a game, but what you need to know is that it is a very real career with its own rewards and consequences. Sometimes the consequences seem to outweigh the rewards, but if you are truly dedicated to real estate, you will be able to handle it, and you will be able to ... [More]

The Roles of a CFO

In essence, the role of a CFO is to collaborate with the CEO in helping a company achieve its goals. The CFO is also responsible for seeking investments from public financial markets or launching public offerings. To qualify for CFO, you should be a member of a duly recognized organization of profe... [More]

The Different Types of Finance Jobs

If you are interested in pursuing a finance degree or professional qualification in finance, one thing you may noticed is that the breadth of career options available for the finance professional are numerous and cover both the public and private sector. Even though the underlying qualifications are... [More]