The Cons of Working on Wall Street

With that being said, there are some reason why working on Wall Street are not all that great, starting with the fact that work is never really over. Even after the market closes, you will be hard at work and this can lead to a serious lack of a personal life. Perhaps this is one reason why so many people develop close friendships with their colleagues, as they do not have the time to develop personal relationships away from work.

It is also very easy to lose you job when working on Wall Street, as you never know what the next day will bring; it is therefore recommended to keep your finance resume up to date. Companies and individuals will hire and fire you without any notice whatsoever, so you must be prepared to spend a little bit of time without a job. There is a great deal of stress involved with this job because of this volatility, so make sure that you are prepared to make this a large part of your life. This is especially difficult for young workers, as many of them have not had the time to develop much of a savings account.


Gail Esparan