The Pros of Working on Wall Street

Working on Wall Street can be a potentially rewarding experience, despite the fact that there is plenty of risk involved as well. Different people have different outcomes from this employment choice, as it is largely dependent on how things work out for that individual. This is unlike any other career that you will end up in, as it is mostly performance based and a great deal of that performance is based on luck. If you are the type of person who is able to thrive under pressure and can handle everything that goes along with the unknown, this might be a career that is worth looking into.

The pros of working on Wall Street are numerous, starting with the amount of money that it is possible to make. This career can make you more money than you will ever need, especially if you are able to land the big clients (plus it will look great on your finance resume). This is also a very glamorous career, which is something that many new Wall Street workers cite as their main reason for embarking on this career choice. In addition, there is always a thrill to be found, as you never quite know how a situation will turn out until the end. If you are ever a part of a last minute deal, you will know exactly how exciting this type of career can be for the right person.

Another great reason to choose this as a potential career is the fact that you will meet some lifelong friends. This is important to many workers because they work extremely hard, so it makes it a lot easier to have friends around you all day while you work. Since many of these workers will rely on one another for their own success, these will quickly become people that you can trust in any situation, which is always a nice thing to have. This is one career where a great deal of camaraderie is present and you will not have any problems developing connections with people once you start.


Gail Esparan