Drawbacks of Insurance Careers

·    Hours worked Again, this is both a pro and con when you're an insurance agent. You're completely independent as an insurance agent in most cases; in other words, your schedule is determined by what your clients need. So you're going to work long hours, and you may wor... [More]

Advantages of Insurance Careers

If you're thinking about changing careers (or just getting started in one), you might want to consider becoming an insurance agent; this can be a very lucrative career, although it takes hard work and dedication to succeed. What does it take to become an insurance agent? You have to be rea... [More]

How to Write an Insurance Resume

The insurance field is specialized and technical and a winning resume must underscore this. Though the general standards expected in any professional resume apply, an insurance job resume needs to clearly show your competence and skills in the insurance field. Therefore, whether you are applying for... [More]

How to get an Insurance Job

Because of the recent financial crisis, there has been a surging unemployment problem in the last three years. Many people have lost their jobs and are finding it increasingly difficult to find new jobs in a shrinking job market. Some have started contemplating a career change into sectors that rema... [More]