How to get an Insurance Job

Because of the recent financial crisis, there has been a surging unemployment problem in the last three years. Many people have lost their jobs and are finding it increasingly difficult to find new jobs in a shrinking job market. Some have started contemplating a career change into sectors that remain vibrant despite the financial crisis. The insurance industry continues to grow in leaps and bounds as new products are introduced to mitigate the effects of the financial crisis. A career in the insurance industry is an option to consider for the many that remain jobless in these hard economic times. However, to get a job in the insurance industry requires acquisition of requisite skills through training.

Start by deciding on the type of insurance career you want to pursue. You have a choice to either start your own agency or seek employment in an established insurance agency. If you decide to be independent, consider whether to sell just one insurance product or market several products at the same time. You can sell many insurance policies as an agent. These include health insurance, business liability, auto insurance, and travel insurance among many others.

Having identified your area of interest, seek to know from the relevant authorities the legal requirements that need to be fulfilled to start out in that business. If you have no formal insurance training, then this is an opportune time to seek to advance your knowledge in the industry. Enroll in a college that will provide training to make you knowledgeable in the industry. Alternatively enroll in a university and study a degree course in an insurance related field.

Before you start operating as an insurance agent, you need licensing from the relevant authorities. However, before licensing is approved you need to pass the licensing examination. Focus on the study topics indicated on the study guide. The topics will differ depending on the type of licensing sought. However, some topics are common in all insurance courses such as liability and property law. Adequate preparation is required to grasp the basic concepts of the course. Other requirements that you need to consider are successful completion of an internship program. As a novice in the industry, you need to work with an established firm of insurance agents in order to familiarize yourself with the workings of the industry. The insurance authorities have a requirement that a certain minimum number of hours be spent in internship. This enables the intern to gain the relevant industry knowledge for successful operation of business or employment in an insurance company.

Keep yourself abreast with the most current events in the industry by accumulating Continued Professional Education (CPE) credits. Your profile in the insurance industry gets better with the acquisition of CPE credits - make sure to include this in your finance insurance resume. Apply for the business license to allow you to practice legally within the industry. Take up the necessary liability insurance policy to indemnify you from liabilities arising from operating as an insurance agent. Alternatively search for an insurance job in a credible insurance company. Having fulfilled all the necessary educational requirements and accumulated a good number of CPE credits, this should not be difficult.


Gail Esparan