How to Get an Investment Banking Job

If your dream job is in the investment banking field, you must be skilled in evaluating, calculating and analyzing.  You should be prepared to work long hours and be willing to spend a great deal of time traveling.  It is very aggressive as far as professions go but the benefits and pay range that come with it make it all worth the time and effort for the right person.

When an investment bank begins their search for the right person to fill their investment banking job they will surely be looking for someone that can perform a large variety of calculations on the equity securities and debts.  They need someone that is trained in evaluating developments in business areas and completing analysis that result in viable results.  The person that is perfect for a career in investment banking should be a very good communicator, both verbally and written and their analytical abilities must be extremely detailed as well.

Many people are very skilled in the area of analyzing. There are several areas in the investment banking line that will suit the natural analyzer very well.  One such position is the securities analyst position.  In this position, the main focus is providing guidance to shareholders on which stocks should be purchased and sold.  This position does require a CMA, or Certified Management Accountant degree to ensure that the legal accounting practices are followed by the person that fills it. 

This is only one position that would be great for the analytical minded professional.  Others include the position of Retail Merchandising Analyst and the Rating Analyst position.  The Rating Analyst position involves the rating of certain instruments used in corporate banking.  There are a large variety of choices when it comes to choosing a specialization in the investment banking line of careers.

You should know where to begin your search for the investment banking job that you are interested in.  There are four major investment firms that offer positions in investment banking.  They are Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley-Dean Witter, and Salomon-Smith-Barney.  While there is several other investment banking positions at smaller companies, these are by far the largest.  For a position at a company that fills the middle of the market, Piper Jaffray is one choice.  The smaller offices or often local businesses that offer specialization in M&A advisory, program trading, technical analysis, and bond trading.

You should also decide on your interest in the investment banking field as there are different avenues to take.  The trading and sales departments offer assistance to the securities holders.  The capital markets department offer assistance in mediation for the process of securities exchange.  The investment banking department works with organizations and the government for their securities issuance.

If you are considering a career in the investment banking line, take some time to evaluate both your individual skills and abilities and the particular requirements for each position; then include them in your investment banking finance resume.  It can be a very rewarding career choice but you must be willing to work hard and travel.  Anyone that assumes a position in any of the investment banking positions should be prepared for a challenge and be willing to invest all of their abilities and a large portion of their time into developing a successful career for themselves and their families.


Gail Esparan