Next top 5 finance resume writing tips

Following our previous post, here is the top 6 - 10.

6. Attach a covering letter. Instead of simply sending your finance resume or sliding it across the table during an interview, make sure to attach a covering letter addressed to that organization. This will present an image of professionalism as well as make your resume seem like a custom-made one.
7. Remain ready for specific questions. Once your resume is ready and printed then go over it so that you can be ready for specific questions. If you have simply copy/pasted certain sections then you will be at a loss for words when your interviewer asks for specific details on a point in that resume.
8. Turn negatives into positives. Do not write about your limitations or any negative aspects in your resume however tempted you might be in a bid to prove that you are honest. Instead, turn a negative aspect into a positive one simply by playing around with words.
9. Use minimum graphics but include your photo. You should not include any graphics in your resume, especially in a finance resume. However, be sure to include your photo by printing it on the top corner of your resume beside your name, age, sex, and date of birth. A smiling photo might just talk to your potential employer and could form a bond even before you personally meet him or her.
10. Keep it simple. At the end of the day, a finance resume unlike any other technical or engineering resume does not need to include words that might have your potential employer fumbling for a dictionary. You should write your resume using simple and precise words that simply match the job with your skills.
These 10 resume writing tips should certainly help your resume jump over other finance applicants and boost your chances for that coveted job even before your potential employers meet you. Use them and walk out of the interview with a job confirmation letter in your hand.


Gail Esparan