Finance Resume Writing Tips

When writing a Finance resume, you should focus on your certifications, skills, achievements, rather than giving a passive list of your previous duties.


Expertise and certifications should be emphasized more in a Finance resume as this is one of the fields where qualifications/certifications are acquired continuously throughout your career, contrary to other industries where most of the learning and degrees are acquired though college. Also, in Finance, since results can be quantified, make sure to emphasize your achievements by providing data - for example you can say you were instrumental to the ROI increasing by 60%. Finally include all the important keywords employers and recruiters are looking for - here is a hint: look at the important words including in the announcements and include them in your resume. Of course, it means you might have to update your resume for every job you're applying to, which is a lot of work, but, in such a competitive market, this has become an essential step to make sure your resume will make the cut. 


If this is too much work for you or you feel you do not have the ability to write a great resume, consider getting a professional resume writer to prepare your finance resume.


Gail Esparan