Top 10 finance resume writing tips

Whether the economy is going strong or weak, finance professionals will always be in demand. If you are looking for a job in finance in any sector be it as an accountant, investment manager, financial analyst or any other finance-related job then you should make sure that your resume manages to jump over and ahead of your competition.

Here is the first part of the top 10 finance resume writing tips to tip the finance job in your favor.

1. Match your skills with the job requirements. Before you send out your resume or walk into an office with one, make sure that you have read the job requirements thoroughly and matched your existing work skills with the same. You should know what the organization requires out of the employee and respond only when you are sure that you can fulfill them.
2. Highlight your finance skills in a short summary at the top. Even before you start your resume, make sure that you summarize your key skills in finance just below your name. This will evoke interest in your resume and compel the reader to continue reading it.
3. Mention specific achievements. Again, if you have had past work experience where you have managed to solve specific financial problems in your earlier organization then mention these achievements with an appropriate heading at the start of your resume.
4. Mind your language. Just because the job profile involves finance does not mean that you can get away with poor language skills. You should ensure that your finance resume is correctly worded and grammatically correct. You should get professional help if you have trouble in placing all your words correctly in your resume.
5. Show them how you can add value to the organization. You should match your skills with the job requirements in the financial resume and prove to your potential employers as to how you can add value to the organization. You might certainly end up awakening your potential employers in a manner that they might have failed to notice.

Check out the second part of our finance resume writing tips in our next post.


Gail Esparan