3 Additional Finance Job Interview Questions And Answers

Q. Tell me about your experience with accounts payable.
A. Dealing with accounts payable is another aspect of the job you may be required to deal with on a consistent basis. When you are going on a finance job interview it is very important for you to display your competence at handling such responsibilities. Everyone looking to get a finance job isn't experienced with dealing with accounts payable. Once again if this is one of your weaknesses it would serve you well to gain some general knowledge about it before hand.

Q. Recall for me a time when you discovered a discrepancy when it came to some sort of money account. What did you do about it and what was the result?
A. Your employer wants to see on your resume that you have the ability to discover discrepancies when it comes to dealing with money, seeing as how this will be one of the primary parts of your job. Discovering any probably dealing with discrepancies is also the primary reason why a client hires you on in the first place. After you have discovered such discrepancies you should be able to contact the client and inform them. Then the two of you can figure out the cause for the discrepancy and the solution. Your prospective employer is simply looking to hear that you have the ability to handle these types of situations professionally.

Q. Describe the types of financial reports you have prepared.
A. This is probably one of the most important finance job interview questions you will be asked. You will have to prepare various financial boards in order to satisfy that only your bosses, but also the clients you are doing. Sure you explain to your prospective employer that you have the ability to prepare various types of financial reports. The more skilled you are at this one aspect of a finance job, the more employable you are.


Gail Esparan