Finance Job Interview Tips

Ok, so thanks to some good finance resume writing, the interview is set up and you are on your way to getting a great job in the Finance world.  This is what you have worked so hard for you in your education and your career to date so the time is now to make a great impression.  There are some tried and true suggestions that you can apply to leave the interviewer wondering what they have done without you all of these years.

It is very important that you come into the interview with a positive attitude.  You are there to sell yourself and your abilities to the prospective employer.  You have to shake their hand with confidence and look them in the eye as you answer their questions and tell them about your accomplishments.

You need to be mentally prepared for the interview as well.  You should spend some time reading up on the current happenings in the finance industry.  If the interviewer asks you questions about happenings, you want to have the answers that they are looking for.  They should know that you are up to date with the current events and that you can bring fresh approaches to the industry.
While knowing about the current events, it is also very important to be versed in the basics.  If you are applying for an accounting position, be sure that the basic accounting practices are fresh on your mind.  The interviewer could ask you questions pertaining to accounting processes that you have not had to complete in many years.  Read through some old text books or spend some time looking into the job functions of an entry level accountant so you have the answers that the interviewer will be looking for.

The interview process is a time for you to shine.  You should not be afraid to tell them how much of an impact you have made in your previous positions.  Show them the facts that support your stories by giving specific numerical facts about increases in sales or new ideas that made a large impact on the company's profitability.  You need to show them that you would be the best fit for the position and that they would be making a big mistake if they hired someone else for the job.

Every interviewer for a financial position will be looking for someone that is very trustworthy.  You need to show them that you can be trusted with the finances that the position requires.  Do not tell them something about yourself or your previous employment history that is not true.  One little stretch of the truth could be uncovered and all chances of you getting the position will be lost at once.  No employer, in any field would hire someone with a shaking history in regards to being trustworthy.

Careers in the finance industry are very important to many different people.  If you go into the employment interview with an outlook that says you will do great and that you have a lot to offer then you are sure to do well.  At the end of the night, after all of the interviews are complete, you want your interview and name to stand out in the mind of the interviewer.  You can do just that if you are prepared and confident through the entire process.


Gail Esparan