Advantages of Insurance Careers

If you're thinking about changing careers (or just getting started in one), you might want to consider becoming an insurance agent; this can be a very lucrative career, although it takes hard work and dedication to succeed.

What does it take to become an insurance agent?

You have to be really good with people if you want to be an insurance agent, since you'll be selling insurance, and your livelihood will depend on whether or not you make sales (as a sidenote, make sure to mention your people skills in your finance insurance resume). In general, insurance agents don't make salaries; their income depends on commissions, so expect to work hard and get very little at least at first.

You also have to be willing to build relations with and network with people, in part so that you become the "go to" person to get insurance from in your particular sector. Once you're well known as an insurance agent, you can stop hunting for clients so much and begin to receive referrals from satisfied customers, which makes things easier for you.

What are the pros and cons of this type of insurance career?

·    What you can expect to make

One pro of being an insurance agent is that you can build your own career based completely on your own motivation. Because your commissions are based upon how much you sell, you can work hard, sell a lot of insurance, and make really decent money. That said, that's also a con of sorts, since you're not getting a salary from anyone. If you're someone who likes the steady reliability of a regular paycheck such as that you might get from an office job week to week, an insurance career may not be for you. That's because although you can certainly do very well for yourself in insurance if you're motivated and good at it, you won't do well at all if you aren't willing to work hard for very little at first, and work at building contacts, until you are established.


Gail Esparan