Top 5 Finance Careers

If you like all things financial, here are the top 10 careers in finance that you may want to consider.
·    Financial analyst
A financial analyst works with clients and helps them make decisions about their investments. To be a financial analyst, you have to have a bachelor's degree, in finance, statistics, accounting, or business administration and have the ability to work with clients (do not forget to mention this in your finance resume). If you get your master's degree in business administration, you'll be even more in demand as an employee.
A financial analyst makes about $58,000 a year on average.
·    Personal financial advisor
A personal financial advisor helps clients learn about tax laws, investments, and insurance, and then we'll help those individuals choose financial options to both long and short term goals. You'll be best prepared to be a financial advisor if you have a bachelor's degree in finance, accounting, business mathematics, law, or economics. Personal financial advisors make about $66,000 a year on average.
·    Accountant
An accountant evaluates, plans, analyzes, and advises clients about accounting practice and theory. Usually, you'll need a degree in accounting or related field to become an accountant, and you'll have to sit for the exam to become a certified public accountant. If you've got a master's degree, you'll have much better job pickings.
On average, accountants make about $43,000 a year.
·    Auditor
An auditor analyzes and examines accounting records for clients, and prepares financial reports for that business or clinic. To be an auditor, you'll need a bachelor's degree, but getting an advanced degree will make job prospects even better for you. Auditors make about $57,000 a year on average.
·    Loan officer
As a loan officer, you help organizations and individuals apply for loans; as part of your job, you determine how creditworthy individuals are, and which type of loan is best for them. Usually, you'll need a bachelor's degree in economics, finance, or something related. If you've got employment experience in sales, lending, and/or banking, this is going to be a major asset to you, as is a thorough knowledge of computers. Loan officers make about $48,000 a year on average.


Gail Esparan