Do’s of Updating your Resume

A resume is more than just a paper listing your education and work history. A well written one can be your entree to the career of your dreams. However, if you haven't recently updated yours, it may be holding you back. These tips will help you take your resume writing from ho-hum to wow.Do update y... [More]

Job Interview Don'ts

Of course the main tip that's given to anyone is to not show up late for any interview. If you do, you've more than like not only just killed your chances of getting hired, but you also have to prove yourself ten times harder as to why you should be hired compared to the other people that showed up ... [More]

Job Interview Dos

Getting a job interview can be exciting but also nervewrecking. It gets to the point that sometimes we can forget what's normal and what's not normal to do or say. Making that first impression can be tough and the toughest thing about it is that you only really have a few minutes to prove yourself b... [More]

Resume Writing Content Recommendations

You should put some effort into the content when it comes to resume writing.  You want the prospective employer to be left really interested in getting you in for the interview.  You can do this by including all of your skills and talents that would be useful in the new position.  You... [More]

Resume Writing Format Recommendations

Your resume will serve as a first impression to any employer that you submit it to.  There are certain things that you should do and should not do when preparing your resume.  If your goal is to make a good impression and to get that job that you want so bad then you should pay close atten... [More]

Cons of using a Resume Writing Service

If many people use the resume writing service that you have hired, the employer might be able to recognize their style and may simply overlook your resume. Sometimes it is important to be concise, and other times being a bit more vague would have been a better option. For instance if you say yo... [More]

Pros of using a Professional Resume Writing Service

Normal 0 For those who are just starting looking for employment, or are not proficient in writing their own resumes, a professional resume writing service might actually be the answer. These services will help you to fill employment gaps, and will of course provide a well written document. The... [More]

How To Include Metrics In A Resume

So you have finally decided to give your resume that extra fillip by adding some statistics and metrics to it. Now a large number of people out there do not look at the value of numbers added to a resume, because they do not know the powerful effect of metrics. However, if you have a sales job, it i... [More]

How to assess professional resume writers

You are ready for a career change; you have found a bunch of job postings that you would be perfect for and want to apply to as many as you can immediately. The first step to success will be having an effective resume that will show that you are the best candidate for the job you seek. Even though y... [More]

Why You Shouldn’t Lie on a Resume

With such a competitive employment market, there are more people than ever vying for the job positions that are available. This can lead people to look at positions and industries that they are not always qualified for. If you see a job opening that asks for a particular skill set, what is the b... [More]