How to assess professional resume writers

You are ready for a career change; you have found a bunch of job postings that you would be perfect for and want to apply to as many as you can immediately. The first step to success will be having an effective resume that will show that you are the best candidate for the job you seek.

Even though you can write a resume yourself, it is often better to hire resume writers from professional resume writing services to do the resume for you. These resume writers will have precious experience and knowledge in the field of resume writing that will give you better chances of getting the job that you want. Here are some important factors to consider when hiring professional writers:

1.    Certification: There are two types of certification for resume writers: NCRW (Nationally Certified Resume Writer) and CPRW (Certified Professional Resume Writer). One is not better than the other, but to make sure you get the best resume writers, it is imperative
 that they have at least one of the two.

2.    Experience: While you might save a few bucks by hiring beginner resume writers, the quality you get back might not be that great. If you find resume writers independently, check it for yourself; however, hiring from a resume service may not offer you the option of an experienced resume writer versus a fresh hire. Fortunately, resume writers can’t get hired unless they have basic skills for successful resume writing, so going through a professional agency should not be an issue.

3.    Guarantees: All resume writers should guarantee results and offer free revisions if you aren’t satisfied. After all, why would you trust someone who does not believe in their own work? You wouldn’t buy a $1,000 laptop from a store that tells you that it can’t be exchanged if it doesn’t work, so why pay for resume services that won’t meet your needs?

4.    Reputation: All resume companies should be willing to be accountable for the delivery of your finished product. That is, if they tell you you will have it in a week you should have it by then, without excuses. If you are jerked around by resume writers, you might want to ask for a refund and find a better company.

This can be verified simply by checking into the companies’ websites. Most offer a customer service section where you can read previous customers’ comments on the services of the resume writers you’re looking into hiring.

Having your resume professionally written by certified professional writers will only help you get a new job. However, make sure to keep these things in mind when looking for resume writers, so that you don’t get fooled. You could end up paying for services that you don’t get or that are not good enough, if you don’t take a little time to research your options before hiring resume writers.


Gail Esparan