Resume Writing Gets More Competitive

While the job market is getting better, it still hasn't recovered yet. As a result, getting a job isn't as easy as it used to be a few years ago, with more applicants competiting for the same jobs.

With so many resumes being received for each opening, recruiters are now using tougher methods to select the candidates that will be invited for interviews. According to the HR managers we've interviewed, your resume is now the most important part of the hiring process.

"We don't read all the resumes we receive anymore", Linda (HR manager for a medium size company) says. "We use a software to scan resumes looking for specific keywords. When a resume has a high enough %, it will then get selected and I will actually read it. However, resumes that don't have a score high enough won't be read and won't get the chance to bring interviews".

This means that even if you are the best applicant, if your resume isn't good enough, it won't get read and you won't get considered for the position. This makes the resume writing process more important than ever. Candidates should now put a lot of effort in making a great resume and they should, in addition, make a different resume for each position they are applying to (mostly changing a few elements on your resume to customize it to each position opening). And if candidates think they are not up to the job, they shouldn't hesitate to go the professional resume writing route.

Gail Esparan