Resume Writing Format Recommendations

Your resume will serve as a first impression to any employer that you submit it to.  There are certain things that you should do and should not do when preparing your resume.  If your goal is to make a good impression and to get that job that you want so bad then you should pay close attention to the following things.

When you begin writing your resume you should first think about the layout.  You should make sure your resume is not more than two pages long.  Prospective employers only spend a little time on each resume that they receive so you need to be short and to the point.  It is ideal to fit the information on one page but two pages should be the maximum length.

You do want to impress the prospective employer with your resume so try to find a design that is unique but still professional. Using a Microsoft word template works fine but many people use this design for their resumes and they your resume will not stand out in this format.  You should find a resume design that is unique and that will catch the attention of the person that is reading through it.

Be sure not to ever use justified blocks of text as they will leave strange spaces between the words on the resume.  You should set your resume to be flushed to the left so it is easier to read and looks much more complete.  You should never lie when you are compiling your resume either.  You will certainly get caught, either in the interview or in background check.

You need to be sure to list as much contact information as possible on your resume.  The prospective employer needs to be able to reach you during business hours because that is likely the time that they will be calling to set up interviews.  When you provide multiple ways to contact you, you are less likely to miss the call when they try to reach you.


Gail Esparan