Resume Writing Format Recommendations

Your resume will serve as a first impression to any employer that you submit it to.  There are certain things that you should do and should not do when preparing your resume.  If your goal is to make a good impression and to get that job that you want so bad then you should pay close atten... [More]

Why You Shouldn’t Lie on a Resume

With such a competitive employment market, there are more people than ever vying for the job positions that are available. This can lead people to look at positions and industries that they are not always qualified for. If you see a job opening that asks for a particular skill set, what is the b... [More]

The 3 Resume Writing Formats

There are 3 resume writing formats and which you choose will depend greatly on your work history and on the type of job you’re applying to. You should ensure that the format you select will fit your skills and experience, and make your resume writing stand out from the crowd. The chronological... [More]