Resume Writing Content Recommendations

You should put some effort into the content when it comes to resume writing.  You want the prospective employer to be left really interested in getting you in for the interview.  You can do this by including all of your skills and talents that would be useful in the new position.  You should not fill your resume with fluff, or information that is not relevant to the position you are applying for.  The employer will not want to know that you can type 60 words per minute if you are applying for a construction job and they will not want to know that you can drive a forklift if you are applying for an office type position.

As you complete the section of the resume that tells about your previous employment, be sure to use terms that are appealing to the prospective employer.  The title of the position that you held should be the first thing listed as this is very important.  Be sure to include the locations of your previous employers including their city and state.  Many employers expect this information but some people choose not to include it.

As one final tip, do not include the name of your high school.  If you are going to include any information about your education it should be about your college or university experience.  It is assumed that someone that applies has a high school education or equivalent so it is not necessary to include it. 


Gail Esparan