Do’s of Updating your Resume

A resume is more than just a paper listing your education and work history. A well written one can be your entree to the career of your dreams. However, if you haven't recently updated yours, it may be holding you back. These tips will help you take your resume writing from ho-hum to wow.

Do update your font. With more and more employers switching to the internet to find and screen applicants, many resumes are now read on screen rather than on paper. Most word processing programs have Times New Roman as the default font, but it isn't easily read on a computer screen. Switch to a screen-friendly font such as Georgia.

Do make sure all information is up-to-date and relevant to the position you are applying for. If you have gained additional skills or training since your last resume update, make sure to include it. Make sure to include workshops or seminars that add to your skill set. Consider deleting previous positions that aren't relevant to your current career goals. If they are somewhat relevant, minimize the information given to the relevant part.

Do use active words when describing previous positions and use specific numbers whenever possible.You may have an amazing skill set, but an employer wants to see what the effects of your work are. "Oversaw sales department" is boring; "Managed sales force of twenty, implemented a system that increased revenue by 60%" gets attention.

Do take the time to proofread your resume several times. Typos or misspelled words give the impression you don't pay attention to the details. A poorly formatted resume may make it appear that you are not computer savvy. Consider asking a friend or family member to look it over carefully.


Gail Esparan