Job Interview Don'ts

Of course the main tip that's given to anyone is to not show up late for any interview. If you do, you've more than like not only just killed your chances of getting hired, but you also have to prove yourself ten times harder as to why you should be hired compared to the other people that showed up - on time. If you live somewhere where there's always high traffic, it's best to probably leave an hour or so earlier as traffic is still not a good excuse to show up late.


Don't lie and make sure you know precisely what's written in your resume.


Try not to act like you're 100% perfect. Everyone is not perfect and we've all made mistakes sometime in our lives. We're only human so it's possible to sound human. How do you sound human? By being yourself of course. All the time it happens that most people don't get the job because from their interviews, they've made themselves sound exclusively perfect and it also gives the employer the message that you're really not able to fess up to some mistakes that you've made and learned from.

Don't eat anything that's going to leave a bad taste in your mouth. If you're really in need of food, try something light such as french fries as they really don't leave that much of a taste. However, do not eat any kind of candy that's going to leave some odd color to your tongue also. Peppermints are always acceptable.

Always double check on everything before you leave your house/car. Don't forget your resume and always bring a pen (with either blue or black ink) as more than likely you'll need to sign some paperwork if you get hired. Red pens are okay but they're usually frowned upon because of how it contrasts with black text.


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