3 Additional Job Interview Questions and Answers

Q. What have you done to prepare for this interview?

A. Here is a good job interview how to for you. You want to make it appear as if you'd done good research on the company before writing your resume in order to make it appear as if you learned all you can about who they are and what they do. After all how can you expect to impress the person who was interviewing you if you do not know anything about the company? Being able to make idle chitchat about the company's goals and objectives is definitely important.

Q. What motivated you to be interested in this position?

A. Take your time to answer this question when you are on a job interview. This is one of those job interview questions that can trip a lot of people up. You want to tell the person giving you the job interview that you feel your skill sets and your knowledge is best suited for that particular position. He wants make it appear as if your skill set and knowledge will be best utilized if you are to get that desired position.

Q. This job is very different from your current position. Tell me more about your choice to change the direction of your career?

A. This is very important when it comes to job interview tips and job interview questions and answers. Maybe you are making a career change because you were forced due to the economy. Maybe you simply got tired of your previous job and you're looking for something new. In any case make sure you emphasize a sincere desire to change job positions, and that you are willing to demonstrate your level of commitment if you were to get the desired position you are looking for.


Gail Esparan


8/10/2010 1:03:49 PM #

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