Top 10 Resume Writing Mistakes

Whether it is your first time entering the workforce, or time to update your resume with past employment and new skills or education, there is a certain way to craft your resume to get the most attention and give you a better chance at landing that job. The job market is a competitive place these days, ensuring that you have created the best selling resume you can that highlights all of your talents and skills will get you that interview where you will finish the sale of selling the benefits of what you have to offer.

The following article will discuss the top 10 resume writing mistakes you can make when drafting up your portfolio.

Target the focus of your resume
In order for you to catch an employers eye in the 2.5-20 secs they will take to skim your resume, you need to make sure that you have written your skills and experience in an easy to see format and not buried underneath or sandwiched between other non essential stuff.

Make your resume is “Accomplishments” driven
This means that instead of having “duties included” when detailing what responsibilities you had for you previous jobs, you need to make it more enticing. You are trying to sell yourself, your abilities, talents and skills. You need to show that by writing about your accomplishments. Anyone can just perform the duties required for a job.

List Your Resume items in the proper order of interest

When an employer is short on time and interviewing a lot of people, they are more concerned with what your title was at which company, not so much what the date was you worked there. This works in the same way when you are listing your educational information. You want to list the degree name you hold first, name what field it is in, name of the school you attended, and then the graduation year.

Don't get caught up in the age discrimation clause
If you are older and have been in the workforce for a long while, do not put down the exact date and year of a graduation or anything that can give reference to how old you may be. Employers may want someone younger but are not able to make a decision based on age unless they want to run the risk of “age discrimination”, instead, just concentrate on listing your accomplishments for the last ten years and nothing further back. If you need to put schooling down, you do not have to put the date

Don't bury the best of your resume
It used to be that you would list your objective, then your experience, then your education and finally any extra skills or interests. Too often the best things about you that could get you the job were either on the bottom of the resume or buried somewhere in the middle which was overlooked. List them in the beginning where you are highlighting your accomplishments.


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Gail Esparan