5 Top Resume Writing Mistakes

Following our previous article, here are the next 5 top resume writing mistakes:

  • Resumes always get the best attention when you use a bulleted format. This makes it clear and easy to follow and find the most pertinent information the employer may be looking for.
  • Avoid using one of the ready made resume cookie cutter templates when creating your resume. Make yourself stand out and show that you can take the time to make things right and original. Employers don't always want a cookie cutter follower and will notice when you stand out.
  • You need to write your resume with the proper keywords that employers will be looking for. Now a days many employers have been putting out their job listings online. Using keywords, they try to pinpoint the best candidates by those using the specific keywords in their resume. Using these keywords can allow your resume to be found easier when using an online employment finding site such as Yahoo or Monster.
  • Have a list of references on hand on a separate sheet of paper but you do not have to write “references available on demand” at the bottom of your resume as was the common practice in years past. If is to be expected that you will have some, or else you would not be looking for a job.
  • Finally, when sending your resume off by email to a prospective employer, you must send it as a text based attachment. Using a Word doc or other format may not keep the format properly or may not be able to be opened by the receiving party. Text based can be open by anyone and will keep their basic format.

Gail Esparan